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Color Temperature is a bulb color rating that is measured on the Kelvin scale (K). The higher the color temperature, the whiter the color. A light bulb with a higher color temperature, with the same lumens rating of a bulb with a lower color temperature, will seem brighter because of a whiter light.

Fluorescent light colors are determined by the selection of the phosphors inside a bulb. Color temperature or descriptions are usually on the package or the base of bulb. Color temperature and color descriptions may differ slightly between bulb manufacturers.

Color Temperature



Color Temperature Labeling

Fluorescent tubes might contain a “730” or “830” number indicating a color temperature of 3000K. (741 or 941 would indicate 4100K.) The color temperature is usually labeled on the bulb or the package. If proper color temperature is important, avoid buying fluorescent and LED bulbs that don’t indicate the color temperature.

Some CFLs may have a slightly higher color temperature than what is listed on the package or bulb.

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