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Duplex Switches

A duplex switch contains two switches on one body. They come in single pole and 3-way. Two of the common terminals are connected together with a removable metal tab. These terminals are usually connected to line voltage and can be black or bronze color depending on the manufacturer. This tab is removed to isolate the tabs from each other.

Duplex switches can replace a single switch without expanding the switch box. They can be used for ceiling fans where one switch controls the fan and the other switch controls the light kit.

Single Pole Duplex Switches

A single pole duplex switch contains two single pole switches.

Single Pole Duplex Switch Diagrams

Common terminals black or bronze color Metal tab connects line voltage together.

Single Pole Duplex Switch

Metal tab removed to isolate common terminals.

Single Pole Duplex Switch No Tab Duplex Switch Wiring Diagram 1

Duplex switch common terminals connect to one line.

Duplex switch each common terminal connect to a different line.

Duplex Switch Wiring Diagram 2

Ceiling fan diagram using duplex switch.

Ceiling Fan Duplex Switch Wiring Diagram